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Basecamp Adventures

Welcome to Basecamp at Grand Vue Adventures! This is your destination for fun, adventure, and thrills for both young and old. With six offerings to choose from, our Basecamp Adventures Ticket provides entry to them all* – for two hours of excitement, and all within one conveniently accessed adventure park area.

*Basecamp Adventures are available to participants who weigh between 45 and 265 pounds.*

Prior to booking, please review all Participant Requirements. All Participants are required to sign a Waiver prior to adventuring. A link to the Online Waiver will be sent with your purchase confirmation. 

Rock Climbing Tower

The Rock Climbing Tower at Grand Vue Adventures is a classic challenge, but in a beautiful setting – you’ll want to experience this! The Tower’s six different climbing faces offer endless combinations of difficulty depending on the holds chosen. And the view from the top? Definitely a reward that makes the effort worthwhile!      

Rappel wall at Grand Vue Adventures

Rappel Wall

Backing over the edge is the biggest challenge, but once you do – the confidence that comes from taking that brave first step is a feeling you’ll never forget. The Rappel Wall at Grand Vue Adventures is 35 feet high. Choose the Rappel Wall as your route down after conquering the Aerial Challenge Course or climb a spiral staircase to reach the top to experience the Rappel Wall as a standalone adventure.  

Mega Jump at Grand Vue Adventures


Don’t look down – or do! Either way, the Mega Jump at Grand Vue Adventures is a rush you’ll be talking about for a long while to come. From a platform perched 35 feet above the ground, you’ll take a leap off the side then experience a true “free fall” sensation before our Power Fan device controls your descent to the ground.  

Ziplines at Grand Vue Adventures

Giant Swing

Get ready! The Giant Swing at Grand Vue Adventures takes an old playground staple then turns the “adventure dial” up to a 10! As many as three participants at a time don harnesses and are secured into the swing’s seat before being lifted 25 feet above the ground. Then it’s 3-2-1… GO! as you fly through the air, reaching speeds and heights that will truly take your breath away.  

*Note: For proper positioning on the swing, participants should be at least 48-inches tall. 

Adventure course at Grand Vue Adventures

Aerial Challenge Course

With six segments and unique obstacles to conquer, the Aerial Challenge Course is an adventure course set 35 feet above the ground that offers tons of fun along with awesome views of the Ohio Valley. The Aerial Challenge Course at Grand Vue Adventures is great for individuals, couples,  friends and families, as well as larger groups looking for an interactive adventure that can be experienced as a team.  

*Note: For all participants, a minimum height of 48-inches is needed to be able to reach proper height for transferring safety belay lines. On the Aerial Challenge Course, participants under the age of 10 must be actively accompanied by a Supervising Companion who is at least 14 years old and is tall enough to assist with the necessary equipment transfers for the younger adventurer. 

Young girl in the bounce trampoline harness at Grand Vue Adventures

Bungee Trampoline

Kids (and kids at heart, too) love the fun of bouncing on a trampoline — and the Bungee Trampoline at Grand Vue Adventures takes this well-known thrill but turns it up a notch! Wearing a harness and attached to two bungee cords, participants can jump higher than ever before – fun for all, the Bungee Trampoline is sure to bring a smile to your face!   speeds and heights that will truly take your breath away.  

*Note: The Bungee Trampoline is available for participants who weigh up to 240-pounds. 

$ 59
00  per ticket
  • 2 hours total

Basecamp Adventures FAQ

  • Basecamp Adventures Tickets are available to participants who weigh between 45 and 265 pounds; maximum weight on the Bungee Trampoline is 240 pounds and the Giant Swing maximum weight is 250 pounds. Height/age requirements are per activity. All participants must complete a Waiver prior to adventuring with us. Participants should be in good health and prepared to participate in an active tour. Closed-toe shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather/activity are required. Very short shorts are not recommended. Review our Waiver and Full Participant Requirements here. 
  • Provided youth meet the minimum weight requirement of 45 pounds, they may adventure on their own within Basecamp, but a parent or guardian should be on-site to observe and assist as needed. Note that, on the Aerial Challenge Course, youth under the age of 10 are required to be actively accompanied by a Supervising Companion who is at least 14 years old and is tall enough (at least 48-inches tall) to assist with the necessary equipment transfers for the younger adventurer. Review our Full Participant Requirements here.
  • We do not offer single, “a la carte” tickets for activities within Basecamp. We’re confident that once you get to Basecamp, you’ll want to do it all — simply put, there’s just too much fun to be had! Our Basecamp Adventures Ticket provides both value and flexibility – six great offerings for you to choose from during your two hour adventure.


  • We do offer a more limited experience ticket – our Bounce & Climb Ticket – designed for and offered exclusively to young children (those age 12 and under who weigh at least 30 pounds). This ticket is designed to accommodate kids who do not yet meet the minimum 45 pound weight requirement for our Basecamp Adventures Ticket but who are ready to get out, have some fun, and get a taste of adventure.